19th - 21st June 2020

Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham GL50 1SD

Joe Fattorini – Message in a Bottle Wine Masterclass

Every wine has a story, join Joe as he shares some amazing stories on wine from China who now produce more wine than Argentina to Canada where the vines are covered with earth during the winter and more, and taste exceptional wines.  

Message in a Bottle

A remarkable series of messages in bottles from the future and ancient past of wine with Joe Fattorini from The Wine Show.

Sauvignon Blanc from Canada’s Okanagan Valley. A desert, filled with water, where vines have to be defended from bears.

Rose Cabernet Sauvignon from China’s Ningxia Valley. Made by scion of one of Europe’s most famous winemaking families.

A sparkling wine (created by the Queen of Tonga’s bodyguard) from England

And from wine’s ancient roots

Dafni from the Greek Island of Crete. A wine that is called “Bayleaf” and tastes like… bayleaf.

A curious blend from Armenia. Is this the origin of wine? 

A Christ-era wine from The Sea of Galilee in Israel

There are a few surprises instore for this Masterclass and we know you will not be disappointed. Bookings essential and are limited to 100 tickets.

If you’ve enjoyed wine somewhere between Wick and Whitstable, Joe was probably involved. For the last 20 years Joe has sold wine to restaurants, hotels, bars and celebrity weddings as one of the UK’s leading wine merchants.

Today he is the wine specialist on The Wine Show and consultant in the UK and internationally.


Twitter:  @joefattorini

Instagram:  @joefattorini



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