19th - 21st June 2020

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Sushi, Noodles & Asian Street Food with Cotswold Eats

Cheltenham has some incredible restaurants specialising in East-Asian cuisine, specifically some top-quality Japanese and Chinese restaurants. In this article we’re taking a look at 3 of our favourites, each with a distinct take on the theme.

Kibou Sushi

Highlights: Sushi and Ramen

Kibou is a personal favourite of ours at Cotswold Eats. Situated underneath our regular coffee spot (Coffee Dispensary) on Regent Street, the atmosphere and style of Kibou is always brilliant.

The sushi is fresh, delicious and bountiful, from the basic cucumber hosomaki up to the raw fish nigiri and sashimi. Partnered with hot delights such as pumpkin korroke, tempura prawns and takoyaki!

They also serve larger meals such as incredible ramen, katsu curry and more. It’s a great experience with plenty of choice, even if you’re vegetarian or just not a fan of raw fish.

Read more about the Super Sushi here:





Highlights: Bao Buns and Street Food

Koj is a Japanese restaurant and cocktail bar, also on situated on regent street, but strictly no sushi!

A wide selection of fillings for their steamed bao buns, including pork belly and tempura soft shell crab. You owe it to yourself to try a bao!

There are plenty of options featuring miso, shitake mushrooms and more, as well as their ‘Koj Fried Chicken’ take on kara-age chicken.

Their upstairs ‘Bandana Monkey Bar’ features Japanese cocktails, whiskies, sake and even a beer brewed specifically for them.

We don’t have an article for Koj currently, but you can visit their website here:



288 Bar and Wok

Highlights: Noodles and local ingredients

288 Bar and Wok is found on the high street, opposite the renovated brewery. With community oriented bench and bar seating, as well as takeaway, they offer delicious Chinese food without fuss.

They have plenty of variations of stir-fried and soup noodle dishes, with the choice from udon, egg or gluten-free vermicelli rice noodles.

A huge selection of meat and vegetable based sauces and sides, including roast duck. Plus oriental spiced curries to boot!

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