14th - 16th June 2019

Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham GL50 1SD

Interview with HUSTLE GIN

Hustle Gin, created by a mother and daughter duo with a message to inspire others to “dare greatly”, is a new Artisan small batch gin has hit the scene. Incredibly smooth & moreish their signature gin has fresh pear and basil, and their fresh pink grapefruit and raspberry gin is going down a storm! No added sugars, just pure delicious gin in glorious bottles…

We spoke to founders, mother and daughter Philippa and Laura, to find out more about their brand and what we can expect when they join us in June.

Name: Philippa Symes and Laura Osborne

Occupation: We are co-partners of Hustle first and foremost. Philippa also owns a health and wellness company and Laura is a Professional Photographer.

Hustle Gin

Tell us how Hustle Gin began? We are a mother and daughter duo who, through adversity with the loss of family members, decided to create a brand that would inspire, empower and encourage people to follow their goals and dreams in life. In creating Hustle we wanted to show women (in particular) that everything is possible. We went on a gin workshop in January 2017 and it all went from there! In the February we created a private ladies gin club with weekly gin tastings, which helped us in our research and marketing, and in November of 2017 we launched our first gin.

Hustle Gin

What is special about Hustle Gin? The uniqueness of our combination of our botanicals – our first gin is pear and basil, our second fresh pink grapefruit and raspberry. We don’t use any sugars/syrups in our gin – the sweetness comes from the ingredients we use. But most of all our brand has been created by women with a smooth palate and a message to “Hustle hard” but stay humble. We are an artisan small batch gin company and only produce 200 bottles at any one time…

What can you tell us about the sustainability of your product? All our packaging is recyclable including the air bags that we ship our gin in.

Hustle Gin

You have a very philanthropic approach to your business. What can you tell us about the charities you support and the impact you seek to make with your brand?

We are working with FREESET GLOBAL, an organisation against sexual trafficking in women in Calcutta – this organisation helps vulnerable women by gaining their trust and eventually getting them into a factory where they teach them skills such as weaving and sewing. We truly feel that if we can help in some very small way, that this will encourage others to follow suit.

What can people expect when they find you at the Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival?

Apart from getting to know a bit about us, we love to meet people! There will be an opportunity, of course, to sample our gins and if people fall in love with it, they can take a bottle or two home!

Hustle Gin

What are you looking forward to about Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival? Last year Cheltenham was our first experience of a foodie festival and we loved it! It was bonkers and totally full on. We love the sheer buzz of the festival and all the fabulous people we get to meet plus the opportunity (when we can) to go and try some of the amazing food that is available – we always come away with goodies!

What food would you pair with Hustle Gin? With our signature pear and basil gin, we keep it really simple, just Fever Tree Med tonic, fresh basil and a little lemon or orange peel.

With our pink grapefruit and raspberry: Pink grapefruit (a slice of peel) and fresh juicy raspberries!

Hustle Gin

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