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Interview with FOODYLICIOUS

Foodylicious was set up in 2016 to provide ease & convenience for customers to trial select quality food at shows and to buy on line from their website, delivered direct to their door. We caught up with them to discover more.

Name: Simon Rees Collison

Occupation: Director

Tell us how Foodylicious began? 

Foodylicious was set up in 2016 by to provide ease & convenience for customers to trial select quality food at shows and to buy on line from our web site, delivered direct to their door. After many years working with supermarkets & attending food shows it became obvious to us that many people had great frustration in finding fine food and drink as a whole range in their local stores.

How do you select the brands that you want to work with? 

Foodylicious are very aware of its social responsibility. We choose our brands carefully – and always look for partners who adopt ethical practices and use sustainable packaging. For example, not only do Percol produce a really great tasting range but their catchphrase is “coffee on a mission” aiming to be the most sustainable coffee company – plastic free, carbon neutral and Fairtrade certified.

Do you have a favourite or best-selling product? 

All the products available on our website are our favourites otherwise they wouldn’t make the cut. As for our best seller that’s our delicious tasting Percol coffee in their Nespresso compatible, fully compostible capsules. Choose from 3 flavours. But we’ve recently started working with The Ministers of Taste and sales are really picking up. These products are some of the nation’s favourite & great tasting heritage treats. They are of premium quality from some of the UK’s finest producers plus, as is so important to Foodylicious, they have recyclable packaging .

What can people expect when they find you at the Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival? 

Foodylicious attend shows all around the UK to give customers a chance to try first hand the delicious products that are available to buy from our website. You can either buy from us on the day at special Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival offer prices or from our online store at your own convenience – with the added bonus of free delivery.

What are you looking forward to about Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival? 

What we always enjoy most is meeting everyone and sharing the passion that we have for our products. Our customers can taste test new innovative products and trial products not readily available in the supermarkets. We also offer discount vouchers giving up to 15% off your first order and that’s on top of our always competitively priced every day prices.

Do you have a favourite recipe you can share with us? 

That’s easy, it has to be the ‘Cheat’s’ Flat White Martini or, as we like to call it, liquid dessert. So simple, so delicious, so make one!

‘Cheat’s’ Flat White Martini (Serves 1-2)


  • 50ml Percol Flat White iced coffee
  • 25ml premium vodka
  • 50ml Baileys Irish Cream
  • ice cubes
  • 3 coffee beans and chocolate to decorate


Pour the Flat White iced coffee, vodka and Baileys into a cocktail shaker, add ice, then shake until chilled and then strain into a martini glass.

  • Top with the three coffee beans and grated chocolate.


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