19th - 21st June 2020

Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham GL50 1SD

Breakfast, Brunch & Cafés

Cheltenham has many independent cafés across the town, with plenty of amazing options for you to choose from. We just want to take a look at a three of our favourites, one all about the coffee, another with breakfast and the third with brunch.

The Coffee Dispensary

Highlights: Coffee and Atmosphere

The Coffee Dispensary is situated on Regent Street, just down from the Everyman Theatre. Based in an old pharmacy, it launched in 2016 and has become a favourite of mine ever since.

The coffee is undeniably delicious, with a large choice of blends and brewing methods to choose from. They really know what they’re doing, and you can tell the café was born out of a passion for coffee. The other hot drinks are equally delicious, from various chai lattes to hot chocolates, perfectly crafted with insta-worthy foam art.

Their counter is also stocked with delicious, locally sourced pastries and cakes, from Salt Bakehouse (Stonehouse) and Hettys Tea Party (Gloucester) respectively.

On the weekend it is very busy with a great atmosphere, in the week a bit quieter but more relaxing, but no matter what day you go it is always incredibly welcoming and friendly.

Read a bit more here:   www.cotswoldeats.co.uk 

The Coffee Dispensary


Curious Café & Bistro

Highlights: Blacksmiths Breakfast & Deluxe Hot Chocolate

Curious Café is located on Cheltenham’s Bath Road, but has a quality reputation across the whole of the town – famed primarily for it’s incredible breakfast. Their signature Blacksmiths Breakfast is probably the best Full English breakfast you can find anywhere. They also serve a huge variety of other breakfasts and lunches, including vegetarian and vegan options.

They aren’t limited to just food, serving up delicious coffee and drinks. The best drink is their indulgent Deluxe Hot Chocolate, featuring whipped cream, marshmallow and chocolate buttons – it’s perfect on a cold day. Curious Café can get incredibly busy on the weekend, so get in early!

Read more here:  www.cotswoldeats.co.uk

Curious Café & Bistro


Brew & Bake

Highlights: Homemade Baked Goods and Brunch

Brew & Bake is found at the top of Bath Road, amongst plenty of café competition. They stand out with their brilliant brunch and homemade pastries. Their sweet treats are comprised of cakes (by the slice or cupcakes), scrumptious sweet treats and brownies, as well as classic breakfast pastries like croissant.

For breakfast and brunch they have lots of delicious English muffin and toast centred dishes, with eggs, avocado, smoked salmon and lots of other delicious choices.

Then for lunch they have plenty of sandwiches, flatbreads, sausage rolls and salads. Lots and lots of delicious veggie and vegan options to be found in their range and menu. While I’m focussing on the food, it’s worth noting that Brew & Bake have really great coffee, with plenty of choice in beans and brew method.

Read more online here:  www.cotswoldeats.co.uk


Brew & Bake 


We hope this has helped you find some great café options amongst Cheltenham.

Look out for our next Food Festival blog soon!


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