15th - 17th June 2018

Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham GL50 1SD

Food & Drink pairing: Beer as the Perfect Accompaniment to Food. Tim O’Rourke, Master Brewer

Since the earliest times, people have sat down together to break bread – washed down with a drink. In most cases this would have been ale as the safer option, as water was often polluted.

Today we drink wine or water with our meals, relegating beers to the Pub or social drinking at home. We forget that beer is the perfect accompaniment to food. Often beers and foods which are enjoyed on their own, also live in perfect harmony when paired.

In this short demonstration, we will look at pairing five significantly different beers with Artisan cheeses, charcuterie, cake and chocolate to demonstrate the versatility of beer and food flavours and how, when matched together, they increase the pleasure of both.

Why not come along and taste this for yourself?

All the food and beers supplied today come from the Cotswolds, and can easily be purchased locally – so you can produce your own gourmet dishes.

Presented by Tim O’Rourke, Master Brewer


The Suppliers of the Beer and Food for the tasting are listed below.

Godsells Cheese:  www.godsellscheese.com

The Salt Pig Curing Co. : www.saltpigcuring.co.uk

Costello & Hellersteinwww.theartisanbaker.co.uk

Stroud Brewery: www.stroudbrewery.co.uk

Arkells Brewery: www.arkells.com

Corinium Ales: www.coriniumales.co.uk

Flying Monk Brewery:   www.theflyingmonkbrewery.co.uk

Cotswold Lion Brewery: www.cotswoldlionbrewery.co.uk


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